Manage all your cybersecurity and compliance requirements in one place

Simplify your security and compliance process. Cyberangels One manages the relationships with all the frameworks, you follow one clear and roadmap to risk reduction and audit-readiness.

Your personal Security & Compliance Team

Imagine having a Security and Compliance team located nearby that you can count on. 


With Cyberangels One, you’ll be guided through the security and compliance process like if a team of experts and consultants, all at a fraction of the cost.


Cyberangels One takes you step by step, making the journey much easier.

Secure and Compliant in a click at your own pace

Start your security and compliance journey at your own pace. Don’t be overwhelmed by a multitude of automated tasks to complete.
  • Get suggestions to improve your cybersecurity and compliance ranking.
  • Get NIST-based remediation plans to help you identify potential security threats and quickly address issues.
  • Achieve compliance with multiple standards and regulations in just one click with our award-winning engine.


Not sure how to follow through on these plans? You can request support to carry out specific recommendations right from your dashboard!

Designed for Small-Medium Businesses

Run the assessment

Scan your websites and domains effortlessly. Discover vulnerabilities in plain terms, making it easy for decision-makers to prioritize actions

Easily fix

Navigate cybersecurity with ease. Get actionable solutions from scans and clear steps to align with industry regulations. Our unique gamified approach keeps you engaged, ensuring progress even without technical expertise

Save money

Gain a clear view of your cybersecurity strength. Evaluates your current state, provides benchmarks, and guides improvement, ensuring your business continually evolves in its digital protection according to your budget

Break the rules of cybersecurity

Start running our automatic non-intrusive risk assessment on your Internet-facing systems.

If you’re not ready, book a free consultation with a Cyberangels team member.

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