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Get your external non-intrusive Cyber Risk assessment report, with no need of access to your data and infrastructure.

Business-driven cybersecurity and compliance for everyone

Make it easy, by design

Quick, comprehensive checks.

Run the Cyber Check-up.

Scan your websites and domains effortlessly. Discover vulnerabilities in plain terms, making it easy for decision-makers to prioritize actions.

Guided, effective fixes.

Business-centered remediations.

Navigate cybersecurity with ease. Get actionable solutions from scans and clear steps to align with industry regulations. Our unique gamified approach keeps you engaged, ensuring progress even without technical expertise.

Meet your industry and company requirements

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Stop overspending. Be smart

Avoid overspending for something you don’t want.

While no solution offers 100% protection, by running our Cyber Check-up and implementing our suggestions, you can reduce your risk by up to 80%.

Do it all with Cyberangels One

Whatever your goal is, start achieving it.

Cyber ​​risk & compliance

Quickly identify vulnerabilities, prioritize risks, and address compliance gaps to ensure the organization’s cybersecurity posture is effective and compliant with industry regulations.

IT budget & optimization

Reduce the time and resources required to manage cybersecurity and compliance requirements, freeing up the budget for other IT initiatives.

Threat detection & response

Receive real-time alerts, conduct threat assessments, and respond to incidents quickly and effectively, reducing the risk of a cybersecurity attack and minimizing the impact on the organization.

Compliance Management

Automate compliance assessments and receive remediation guidance that you can use to coordinate IT contractors. With our continuous monitoring, you can verify that the corrections have been properly applied, reducing the risk of data breaches and fines

Enhanced reputation

Demonstrate compliance with industry regulations, enhance your credibility with customers, partners, and regulators, and potentially increase business opportunities.

Cost saving

With Cyberangels One, you can reduce the time and resources required to manage cybersecurity and compliance requirements, freeing up the budget for other financial initiatives.

Risk management

Incorporate cyber risk into the overall enterprise risk management strategy to avoid critical financial and reputational damage caused by data breaches and consequential penalties.

Lead generation

Maximize your lead acquisition action by running the smartest risk report. Effortlessly communicate your findings to non-technical individuals and present your personalized security solutions.

Managed services

Cyberangels supports your agency’s managed services by providing the only one business-driven cybersecurity solution ever. Allow Cyberangels One to take care of presenting your professional services to clients by using their gamification approach, freeing you up to concentrate solely on providing your exceptional services and invoicing.



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