Get more clients effortlessly and ensure steady revenue

Let Cyberangels One be your partner in creating a strong and compliant NIST-based cybersecurity plan for your clients. You can now focus on selling your professional services while we take care of presenting the strategy, its results, and the next steps.


Cyberangels One helps vCISOs, Agencies, MSPs and their clients work together to create a cybersecurity plan that fits the client’s needs. This collaboration makes sure that the cybersecurity plan matches the company’s goals.

Additionally, Cyberangels One lets vCISOs, Agencies, and MSPs see how well the cybersecurity plan is being carried out in real-time, so they can change the plan if needed.

Visibility and trust

Demystify the complexities of cybersecurity and compliance requirements with Cyberangels One, including our signature gamification models. vCISOs, agencies and MSPs trust in Cyberangels One to provide clarity and foster confidence with customers.

Budget-Friendly Solutions

Cyberangels One presents an economical choice for vCISOs, Agencies, and MSPs aiming to deliver top-tier services. Tailored for SMBs, our program respects budgetary constraints while ensuring premium service. Set competitive pricing for your clients, in line with our program’s flexible condition.

Break the rules of cybersecurity

Start running our automatic non-intrusive risk assessment on your Internet-facing systems.

If you’re not ready, book a free consultation with a Cyberangels team member.

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