A Cyber Risk Guide for Small-Medium Enterprises (SMEs)

Cyber Risk Report

Nowadays cybersecurity is not a luxury but a necessity for companies of all sizes.


Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) are often considered easy targets for cybercriminals because of their alleged lack of robust security measures.


Therefore, understanding and managing Cyber Risk is critical for SMEs.


A practical tool to start with is Cyberangels’ Cyber Risk report: it offers valuable information on the potential cyber security risks and vulnerabilities your business is exposed to.

What does the Cyber Risk report assess?

The Cyber Risk report provides a detailed assessment of your company is exposure to potential cybersecurity risks or vulnerabilities.


It examines critical elements that could be targeted by cyber attacks, including:


  • Email: Email communications can be intercepted or manipulated, leading to data breaches or fraudulent activity.
  • Website: Your website may have weaknesses that allow hackers to access information or compromise its operation.
  • Personal Data: Customers’ and employees’ personal information must be properly protected to avoid data breaches and legal problems.

Understand your "Attack Surface"

An important aspect of ensuring your company’s cybersecurity is to understand and reduce your ‘attack surface’.


The attack surface is the sum of the points on the boundary of a system where an attacker can access a device or network and extract data.


It includes all known, unknown and potential vulnerabilities that can be exploited to mount a cyber attack or data breach.

How to read your Cyber Risk Report

The Cyber Risk report analyzes each area to uncover security issues and provides solutions to protect your business from cyber attacks.


The security problems found are ordered from least to most important, depending on how much damage they can do to your business.


Impact ratings in the security report range from low to critical.

Calculating your company's Cyber Risk

The report assigns a risk score from 0 to 100, indicating how exposed your company is to online hazards.


A higher score indicates more significant risk. It also provides an industry benchmark, comparing your risk level with the industry average.


Measure your company’s Cyber Risk now, by filling in the form at the end of the page.

Your risks in detail

The report provides a detailed analysis of your vulnerabilities in email configuration, website security, or your exposed web applications.


It identifies vulnerabilities related to outdated software and suggests necessary upgrades or replacements, according to MITRE data.


It also checks your server’s open ports and software version according to international standards and IANA classification.


And much more.


In conclusion, Cyberangels’ Cyber Risk Report is an excellent tool for SMEs to understand their cyber risk landscape and take the necessary actions to strengthen their cybersecurity.


It clearly understands potential threats and offers viable solutions to mitigate these risks.


Remember, in the digital world, a secure company is a successful company!


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